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Sentinel Light Rental Program – new market rules mean changes to the program.

Please call Michael at (705) 474-8100 Ext 267 for more information. 

A Summary of Our Terms & Conditions

Access to customer premises
Customers are responsible for providing access to their property and a convenient, safe and accessible place for the replacement and maintenance of North Bay Hydro Services rental equipment. Additional charges will apply if such access is not provided. We may enter onto a customer’s property at reasonable hours to maintain, remove, replace or otherwise deal with the rental equipment. Only authorized employees or agents of North Bay Hydro Services may service the rental equipment.

Customers accept responsibility for safeguarding North Bay Hydro Services rental equipment on their property. We will repair or replace equipment that fails due to ordinary wear and tear during normal working hours. The rental equipment is the property of North Bay Hydro Services and shall not become fixtures on the customer’s premises. For tree or brush clearing around your fixture; If the tree is in your front or back yard (on your private property): please contact a certified arborist, clearance of 1 meter is required under ESA regulation 75-326(2)(a). 

Customers are responsible for all service, energy and rental charges levied by your electricity provider in relation to Sentinel Light rental service. This includes any extraordinary fees to replace or maintain the rental equipment in safe and good repair. The Company will not sell the equipment to the customer under any circumstances.

Removal fees
Rental equipment removed within the first four years following original installation is subject to removal fees. Rental equipment removed due to failure is not subject to removal fees.

North Bay Hydro Services assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property that may result from or be connected with the rental equipment or its presence on your property.

Termination of rental service
Should you wish to discontinue your Sentinel Light rental service, please give us 30 days' notice. Upon termination of the rental arrangement, we may enter your property to remove our rental equipment.

We may disconnect rental equipment when accounts are not paid, though we prefer to help customers keep their accounts in good standing. In the event that you encounter temporary financial hardship, please call us to discuss payment options. 

North Bay Hydro Services may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by notification to customers. If you have any additional questions please email us at, or call 705-474-8100

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